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Helping People Focus on What is Important

Since 1997, Best Alliance Foreclosure and Lien Services has represented a wide range of association management companies and individual association clients throughout southern California in the areas of delinquent assessment collections, liens, non-judicial foreclosures, forbearance agreements, Deeds in Lieu of foreclosure, short sale assistance, bankruptcy and eviction assistance, and post foreclosure services. Best Alliance represents associations on matters ranging from routine collection matters to complex multi-owner properties and multi-bankruptcy foreclosures, tenant occupied units and single family residences. While reviewing all aspects of any received files, it is Best Alliance’s intent to protect our client’s interests and help them realize their goals in any particular matter. Because of our comprehensive understanding of the laws and procedures, Best Alliance clients look to our firm for guidance in determining what actions to take on a file.

Why Best Alliance?
What distinguishes Best Alliance from its competitors is the firm’s added services. We pride ourselves in e
ducating and updating our clients/board of directors on developments and related strategies, creating long-lasting relationships by fostering a team dynamic between the client and our representatives, an ongoing commitment toward being consistently accessible and effectively responsive to all client inquires and communications.  We have a genuine dedication toward working together with our clients to understand their business and help them achieve their objectives. You can rely on Best Alliance to guide you through the complex foreclosure process. We act as an extension of your staff and provide complete consultation and technical assistance from executing a Notice of Default to disbursement of funds. We are experienced in large and complex foreclosures involving mixed collateral and multiple parcels. We are familiar with all Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA and VA guidelines and accept guideline allowable fees. Best Alliance is a full-service real estate trustee dedicated to expediting the foreclosure and collection process on your behalf while ensuring compliance with all government codes and industry regulations. You can be confident that with Best Alliance your files will be handled accurately and on time to protect your rights and interests.



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