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Our President, Sidney Richman


Sidney Richman, President of Best Alliance Foreclosure and Lien Services Corp., is an
experienced real estate professional with over 30 years of experience in the Foreclosure
business. He has specialized non-judicial foreclosure of real property since 1985 and in the
collection of delinquent assessments for condominium and homeowner associations since
1992. Mr Richman has conducted or overseen upwards of 20,000 non-judicial foreclosures.
Prior to establishing Best Alliance, Mr. Richman was a principal in and Vice President of First
Assurance Trust Deed Services, Inc., and managed the non-judicial foreclosure department
conducting thousands of foreclosures for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, the VA, HUD and
collections for several hundred homeowner associations. He is also experienced in property
management, property acquisitions, sales and property preservation and rehabilitation.
Mr. Richman received his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California in
Los Angeles, and has completed courses in Bankruptcy Law through UCLA's Division of
Continuing Education and Real Estate Principles at Western Schools. He has passed the
basic and intermediate California Foreclosure Certification courses and exams and the
Nevada Foreclosure Certification course and exam and received certifications from the
United Trustee’s Association on the conduct of non-judicial foreclosures in the States of
California and Nevada and is entitled to the highest designation of Trustee Sales Officer,
Level II.
He is available for presentations on real estate foreclosures and utilization of the California
Civil Code as it relates to all areas of foreclosure. He is a member of the United Trustee’s
Association, Community Associations Institute, the California Mortgage Association, the
California Association of Community Managers and the University of Southern California
Associates and regularly attends continuing education seminars in the fields of homeowner
association collection and non-judicial foreclosure.


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